Personal Training

Sport Specific Training

Specially designed routines to develop the athletic power, stability, coordination, endurance, flexibility, balance, speed, strength, and agility required in each sport. An emphasis is placed on correcting muscle imbalances, the kinetic linking of momentum through full core activation, and the body mechanics involved in the performance of the unique physical techniques within the athlete’s sport.

Post-Rehab Training

Mindful routines focusing on the progression of rehabilitation for specific injuries after you have completed your physical therapy. An emphasis is placed on insuring the client is able to perform their daily activities and hobbies through the continuation of therapeutic exercise.

Functional Fitness training

Comprehensive full body routines designed to increase the overall strength, flexibility, and endurance involved in an active lifestyle. An emphasis is placed on training practical mobility through proper posture and body mechanics and activating multiple muscle groups together to improve general performance and prevent injury.

Recomposition Training

Transformative routines meant to help clients decrease body fat, increase muscle, or both. An emphasis is placed on increasing a client’s metabolism through effective exercises for their body type, and learning proper nutrition information to help make smart food choices to achieve the physique they desire.

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